How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

It is widely known that CBD can stay in your system for a certain amount of time, but how long exactly? It depends mainly on the dose you took and how often you use it. Generally, CBD metabolites can be detected in a urinalysis between three days and two weeks after the last time it was taken. In short, CBD oil can stay in your system for an estimated 4 to 25 days. This is a large window of time, but it is currently the most accurate estimate that scientists have made.

After consuming a high-fat meal, higher levels of CBD are usually present in the bloodstream, making its half-life longer than if you were to consume it while fasting. CBD does not have psychoactive effects like THC, meaning you won't get high or experience any type of euphoria or confusion. However, the compound still remains in your body for some time. Studies have shown that when CBD is ingested with lipids, it is better absorbed into the lymphatic system.

The type of pharmacological test given to you and the time elapsed since you last took CBD could influence whether it is detectable. CBD inhalation has been shown to have fast absorption rates because the lungs transfer CBD directly into the bloodstream. The amount of time CBD stays in the body depends on the amount you've taken, how often you use it, and the form of CBD you're using. Lower doses of CBD won't stay in the bloodstream as long as high doses.

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