What are Edibles Slang? An Expert's Guide to Cannabis-Infused Foods

Edibles, also known as cannabis-infused foods, are food products that contain decarboxylated cannabinoids as an active ingredient. This type of food has been around since the 11th century, when nomadic Berber tribes of North Africa created Majoun (cannabis jam). Unlike smoking cannabis, edibles take longer to work but cause a more intense high that can last longer. An ancient custom was to stir bread, cheese and other groceries in the cemetery.

In the early 1960s, the first edible cannabis recipe appeared in the United States in a cookbook called The Alice B. To this day, people still gather around the house and barn to look for edible food. A safety issue with edibles is excessive consumption, which is usually due to the delayed effects of ingested cannabis. The amount of marijuana in edibles can vary widely and the amount of THC can be so large that people have reported extreme paranoia and anxiety bordering on psychotic behavior as a result.

In Denver, what began four years ago with a single “orange” soft drink has grown into a grocery empire. As with alcohol and prescription drugs, basic precautions must be taken to prevent children from having access to the product since cannabis edibles have been the main cause of several health care visits related to accidental use by children, although none have been caused death. Like other peoples, it is common in some nations to place various types of food in the grave together with the deceased. But even banquets have their limitations on a warm 21st of June, and as groceries disappeared, the expansion of the increase came to an end.

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