How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD is a cannabinoid that can remain in your body for a certain amount of time after consumption. The length of time it stays in your system depends on the dose, frequency of use, and consumption method. Generally, it can stay in your body for 2 to 5 days, but it's best to leave it for two weeks just to be safe. Single exposures of THC and its metabolites can be detected in the urine approximately 3 days after the last intake.

The form of CBD you consume will determine how long it takes for the effects to take hold and how long they will last. For example, vaporization provides the highest bioavailability of all CBD formats, with up to 56% of inhaled CBD entering the body. CBD sprays can stay in the body for 10 hours to about 2 days, while chronic oral consumption can mean that CBD stays in the system for 10 to 25 days. In some cases of intensive use, CBD can remain in the system for up to a week and detection periods extend to more than a month.

Drug tests don't look for CBD, so if you take normal doses of full-spectrum CBD oil, you're clear about that. However, some people may choose a CBD isolate to ensure that there is no THC in their product. It's important to note that the results of CBD on mice have not been replicated in humans, and the dose of CBD was exorbitant considering the weight of the mice. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains a firm stance against the use of CBD during breastfeeding due to the lack of sufficient research on how CBD affects breastfed babies. If you work in a sensitive work environment, consider talking to your employer before starting your journey to the CBD. Take some time to learn more about the different methods of CBD extraction and better understand how CBD can best serve you.

BATCH CBD products are made with full-spectrum CBD from a farm located in the Wisconsin countryside. Here's what you need to know about the role CBD plays in the body, as well as how long the compound stays in your system. If you consume CBD products in large quantities and on a regular basis, this test may detect it for a longer time.

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