How Long Does it Take to See Results of CBD Oil in Dogs?

For more chronic problems, such as joint pain and mobility, it can take 2 to 4 weeks for optimal results, especially if you experiment with the high dose your dog needs to alleviate their symptoms. Every dog is different, so some may react differently to CBD products. Some pet parents may notice a calmer behavior shortly after administering the oil, but it usually takes about an hour for it to fully take effect. If you don't see any difference in your dog's calm after an hour, you may want to consider giving them more CBD.

The amount of CBD your pet needs can vary. When ingested, CBD oil connects to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors, helping to maintain homeostasis, fight infections and regulate previous functions. If your pet doesn't like taking supplements with their meals, there are chewable CBD pills and other hemp oils that should be given on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. As more pet owners begin to use CBD oils for their dogs, it's important to know the right amount, frequency and effectiveness so that you can provide your furry friends with the best possible care.

When administering CBD oil, make sure to give it at least an hour before leaving for the day. If your dog experiences stress when they're alone while you're at work or out with friends for a few hours, CBD can help them feel relaxed and comfortable. It's also important to know what product you are giving and within what time frame you should follow. As always, talk to a vet before starting any new supplement routine, including CBD oil, to make sure it's a good fit for your dog's routine.

For pain or inflammation-related problems, it can take two to four weeks for optimal and consistent results. Pet products like CBD oil can help promote a normal digestive process, maintain neurological balance and support healthy joint function so your pup can play fetch all day long. There are no known overdoses of a full-spectrum CBD product such as Pet Releaf's full-spectrum CBD for dogs. While current research is based on human studies, dogs and people have a remarkably similar system for processing CBD. With labeled recommendations, finding the right amount of CBD for your dog becomes much easier and you'll be able to better observe the effectiveness of the products you use.

Additionally, experts predict that hemp-based CBD pet products will account for 3 to 5% of all sales of hemp CBD in the near future.

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