How Long Does it Take Hemp to Bud? A Comprehensive Guide

Unlike perennial plants that come and go every year, hemp is an annual plant. This means that, in most cases, it goes from being a seed to a plant within 90 to 120 days and its buds flower once before dying for the next harvest. However, you could eliminate germination and seedling phases if you start with clones instead of seeds. In this comprehensive guide, we'll discuss the process of growing hemp from seed to harvest.

The first step in growing hemp is to germinate the seeds. Establishing these first roots gives cannabis seeds extra strength during the delicate seedling phase. It also allows growers to “remove” weak seeds beforehand, rather than wondering if they will take root in the soil. The easiest way to start germination is to wrap the seeds in a slightly damp paper towel and cover them with a plate.

You can also put the seeds in a glass of purified water. The important thing is to keep these seeds away from light. When your cannabis seedlings reach life for the first time, they'll be incredibly fragile. During this initial stage, you should use soft lighting, such as a dimmed LED or a CFL bulb, for 16 hours a day. Once your seedlings have emerged, they will have small, rounded leaves called cotyledons.

However, as your plant grows, you'll notice that the real “cannabis leaves” emerge. In general, people know that they have gone from seedlings to vegetation because of the number of leaves on their plants. When you see about four sets of about five leaves in a fan, the plant should be strong enough to move to a larger pot. Usually, the seedlings should be ready to be transplanted to the main pot after two to three weeks. The vegetation phase has to do with growth.

During this stage, the plants will rise quickly and many fanned stems and leaves will grow. To help boost this growth, vegetative plants need additional nitrogen in their feeding schedules. Since cannabis is a photoperiodic plant, it will flower when you limit the daily amount of light. If you give the cannabis plant enough time to grow, you'll enjoy more buds and, therefore, a higher yield. If you learn training techniques, such as doubling or covering, you'll increase your overall performance even more.

To keep your vines in the vegetation, you must maintain a daylight schedule of at least 18 hours. You can go on like this for as long as you want, but most varieties are ready to be changed after four to eight weeks. When it's time for flowering plants to bloom, you'll need to transition to flowering nutrients and lower the ambient temperature slightly (~ mid-70°F). You should also be very attentive to signs of mold or hermaphroditism during flowering. The average indoor cultivation of cannabis takes 3 to 4 months from seed to harvest; however, the full range is 2 to 6 months and depends on the strain and the desired size of the plants.

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